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Preparation of incubation phase 3/3

Production, in a CMS-based Performance environment self-hosted at OVH (1, 2), of the web service presented in my various website-enabled construction panels (3, 4, 5).Continue reading

Knowledge consolidation and further training in informatics

Creation of a SoloLearn user account.

Earned certificates:
  • SQL Fundamentals course
  • HTML Fundamentals course
  • CSS Fundamentals course
  • JavaScript Tutorial course
  • PHP Tutorial course
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Start of my incubation phase 2/3

Resumed both the development of my NetPlusUltra® web program (proof-of-concept testing in the field of web business creation), and the instruction work on hold since 11/2009, as the long pending funding issue is still not settled (read also: https://lifefolio.daniela-berndt.foundation/en/funding/).Continue reading

Resumed practice of leisure swimming

Which I have been practicing on a regular basis as a compensation sport since then.Continue reading

Registered to the Badminton Club

  • On a 1-year trial basis (as a compensation sport)
  • At the Montpellier Badminton Club, in the Hérault (34) department
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Start of my incubation phase 1/3

Development of my web incubation formula (initial feasibility assessment in the field of web business creation).Continue reading

Start of the "BnB" family project

In Aigues-Mortes, in the Gard (30) department.Continue reading

4-month freelance mission

Freelance Project Manager (tourism):
  • Assessment of the business potential pertaining to an aquarium project
  • PM focus on feasibility: sectorial analysis and project implementation
  • Presentation of related results to the project initiator
  • Places of work: Vaucluse (84) department, Aigues-Mortes (home office)
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End of my postgraduate Marketing program

Obtained my Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies ("Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées") in Marketing.Continue reading

Start of my traineeship in Marketing

Project Manager in the field of Knowledge Management at Genesys Conferencing:
  • Pre-audit pertaining to the deployment of a Document Management System (Marketing Department)
  • PM focus on capitalization: research, planning, counseling and training
  • Presentation of related results to the International Marketing Director
  • Postgraduate traineeship report on Knowledge Management
  • Place of work: Genesys Conferencing headquarters in Montpellier
  • Traineeship ending on 2002-09-27.
Computer tools (Microsoft environment):
  • Marketing studies (internet watch): Copernic Agent Professional
  • Traineeship (DMS): Pragmatech Proposal Automation Suite (with a trip to London as part of the training)
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Start of my postgraduate Marketing program

Class of 9/11.

On the agenda:
  • Six months of theory on market research and auditing (as applied to and through business simulation games, strategic implementation, benchmarking)
  • Six months of traineeship at Genesys Conferencing (in the field of web conferencing)
  • Program ending on 2002-09-30
Place of training: University of Montpellier 1, Department 5 of Economic and Social Administration.Continue reading

Start of my "Personalized Action Plan"

Laid the groundwork for the matrix-enabled therapeutical modelling of my life path:
  • Searched for a postgraduate degree program in the field of multimedia
  • Prepared for self-salaried independent telework
  • Helped organize "operation bac+10" (reunion with senior high school classmates)
In 05/2001, registered to the postgraduate Marketing program of Montpellier 1 University.

In 06/2001, bought a Netbook (Microsoft environment):
  • Office Automation: MS Windows ME (MS Works, WordPerfect Office 2000)
  • Music therapy: Windows Media Player
Read also: https://lifefolio.daniela-berndt.foundation/en/funding/files/category-issue-4.htmlContinue reading

3rd indefinite-term contract: trial period

Jr. Consultant, P&M France SARL (Strategic Consulting):
  • Pre-audit pertaining to supply chain reengineering at the customer's site (automobile sector)
  • PM focus on BPR: project planning, managing and migrating databases, implementing change matrixes
  • Presentation of related results to the Project Manager
  • User environment: Microsoft
  • Place of work: Lyon region in the Ain (01) department
  • Trial period terminated in 03/2001
Read also:
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Aiming for independence

Read more about this early reorientation at:
https://lifefolio.daniela-berndt.foundation/en/funding/files/category-issue-2.htmlContinue reading

Return to France

  • Interruption of the trial period because of a persistent non-localizable problem of sectarian harassement (which escalated from diffused to characterized since 05/2000)
  • Re-settled in Aigues-Mortes, nuked into a troubleshooter
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Y2K bug (!)

An unexpected episode of cognitive saturation forces me to take 15 days of sick leave in France.

Read also: Continue reading

Cross-functional HRM mission

Audit of the translation perimeter, until early 2000:
  • Pre-audit pertaining to translation management reengineering (at Group level)
  • PM focus on transversal auditing: information and knowledge management, benchmarking, counseling, training
  • Presentation of related results to the CEO
Within the context of this project:
  • I expanded my knowledge of business computing: MS Windows NT4 (Office 97, Outlook Express); IBM Lotus Smart Suite Millennium, Lotus Notes 4.6
  • I studied myself into Computer Assisted Translation and software localization: TRADOS Translator's Workbench, IBM TranslationManager, ATRIL Déjà Vu, STAR Transit
  • In 08/1999, I took part in the XVth World Congress of the International Federation of Translators in Belgium
  • In 09/1999, I participated in an advanced training seminar on Computer Assisted Translation, organized by the Department of Applied Linguistics of Saarland University
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New market opportunities

Upon return, I would lay the ground for an exploration of the European translation market, and within this context:
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Leisure trip to the United States

…15 days off, at last!

On the agenda:
  • One week in Washington D.C.
  • One week in New York City
  • B&B accomodation
Throughout my touristic travels, I also considered the « live and work in the US » scenario.Continue reading

Gulliver's Travels (Syndrom)

As of 08/1998, within the context of the preparation of an upcoming leisure trip to the United States, I considered the possibility to work as a sworn translator with an embassy. Which I eliminated, once on the spot, in favor of the "I'd rather take two weeks off" scenario.Continue reading

New exploratory phase

The delivery of my master’s thesis, eight months after I entered active life, would mark the beginning of a new practical exploratory phase, during which I would assess the professional perspectives in the area of language services. For the same reason as at the beginning of my studies, I crossed-out the "international organization" scenario for good.

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