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About version 3.0/2019

In these transition times of upgrades and migrations across all possible throughcuts of my NetPlusUltra®-enabled Webfolio, it appears appropriate to preface this v3.0/2019 with a subject-matter debriefing pertaining to the professional profiling issue in general, through the (re)qualification of statuses in particular.Continue reading

Preparation of incubation phase 3/3

Production, in a CMS-based Performance environment self-hosted at OVH (1, 2), of the web service presented in my various website-enabled construction panels (3, 4, 5).Continue reading

About version 2.0/2017

Entirely revised and augmented according to the conclusions of my first conceptual audit cycle (2013-2016), this new v2.0/2017 fulfills the validated requirements of my Netfolio (« starter ») level.Continue reading

Reader's guide to v1.3/2016

Although various virtualization scenarios are possible, this alpha version introduces my CV matrix model from the chrono-thematic perspective, with categories corresponding to the usual sections of the classic CV format, enriched with a few space-time connectors, and events archived by year.Continue reading

Knowledge consolidation and further training in informatics

Creation of a SoloLearn user account.

Earned certificates:
  • SQL Fundamentals course.
  • HTML Fundamentals course.
  • CSS Fundamentals course.
  • JavaScript Tutorial course.
  • PHP Tutorial course.
Continue reading

How to improve CV practice?

By matrixing the standard CV format, so as to put the information it contains into multiple space-time perspectives. This is one of the objectives of this first draft, which is conceived as a double complement not only to my regular 2-page resume (Theory and Practice pages of the present website), but also to my life project website (Lifefolio module).Continue reading