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Program NetPlusUltra®

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Field of Expertise

Knowledge engineering, by the NetPlusUltra®-sustained concept formula, which I developed with a view to redeploying the internet into a master franchising network entirely self-regulated by the conceptualized codex of intellectual property. Professional activity preregistered in my author name (« Daniela BERNDT »), as per request to the competent authorities (instruction-incubation phase 1/3).
  • Experience
  • Training

Since 01/2018:

Preparation of implementation phase 3/3:
  • 2020: Intermission of instruction and remastering (part 2/2).
  • 2019: Intermission of instruction and remastering (part 1/2).
  • 2018: Conceptual GDPR compliancy audit.

10/2012-12/2017 (5 years):

Incubation Phase 2/3 (under macOS): Publication.
  • 2017: Remastering of contents published since 2013.
  • 2016: Debriefing of my feasibility audit program 2/3.
  • 2015: Feasibility audit of the system environment.
  • 2014: Feasibility audit of the network environment.
  • 2013: Feasibility audit of the user environment.

01/2003-06/2012 (8,5 years):

Incubation Phase 1/3 (under MS Windows ME and XP): Instruction.
  • 2010-2012: Case modelization (sneak precut into incubation phase 2/3).
  • 2007-2009: Introduction of my life project as per request to the ECHR.
  • 2006: Web concept introduction as per appeal to the ICC and the WIPO.
  • 2005: Case study introduction as per request to the French State Council.
  • 2004: Professional specialization in the field of virtual (web) incubation.
  • 2003: Assistance with the family project and preparation of my case study.

10/2002-01/2003 (4 months):

Freelance Project Manager (Tourism):
  • Assessment of the business potential pertaining to an aquarium project.
  • PM focus on feasibility: sectorial analysis and project implementation.
  • Presentation of related results to the project initiator.

04/2002-09/2002 (6 months):

Post-Graduate Traineeship as a Project Manager in the Field of Knowledge Management, Genesys Conferencing (Web Conferencing):
  • Pre-audit pertaining to the deployment of a DMS (Marketing Department).
  • PM focus on capitalization: research, planning, counseling and training.
  • Presentation of related results to the International Marketing Director.

12/2000-04/2001 (4 months):

Jr. Consultant, P&M France SARL (Strategic Consulting):
  • Pre-audit pertaining to supply chain reengineering at the customer's site (automobile sector).
  • PM focus on BPR: project planning, managing and migrating databases, implementing change matrixes.
  • Presentation of related results to the Project Manager.

04/2000-08/2000 (5 months):

Localization Project Manager, Bowne Global Solutions (Software Localization):
  • International Software Localization Project Management (in a virtual team of +/- 10 people in charge of the medical industry).
  • PM focus on trouble shooting: analyzing, decompiling, translating and recompiling programs.
  • Customer Relationship Management: quotes and proposals, project planning, quality management.

01/1999-04/2000 (1 year):

Cross-Functional Mission as a Project Manager in the Field of HR, Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
  • Pre-audit pertaining to translation management reengineering (at Group level).
  • PM focus on transversal auditing: information and knowledge management, benchmarking, counseling, training.
  • Presentation of related results to the CEO.

11/1997-04/2000 (2,5 years):

Assistant to the International Division, Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
  • Operational interface between the International Division and its expatriated Area Managers.
  • PM focus on information management as applied to international trade.
  • Organization of international seminars.

10/1997-06/1998 (last semester of studies at the Saarland University):

Master’s Thesis, Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
  • Civilization study on corporate culture.
  • PM focus on corporate identity: project planning, management and debriefing of interviews.
  • PM focus on cross-cultural management: relations between the Group's headquarters and its German subsidiary.

02-04/1996, 07-08/1996 and 08/1997 (6 months):

International Division Trainee, Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
Within the context of my professional reorientation towards management, which I initiated at mid-term, as from my 5th semester of studies.


10/2001-09/2002: Postgraduate Degree in Marketing (French "DESS").

University of Montpellier 1 (F), Department 5 of Economic and Social Administration.
Six months of theory on market research and auditing (as applied to and through business simulation games, strategic implementation, benchmarking), followed by six months of traineeship at Genesys Conferencing (in the field of web conferencing).


10/1992-06/1998: European Master's Degree in Specialized Translation (FR, DE, EN).

Saarland University (D), Department 8.6 (4.6 as from 2001) of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation.
  • Five years of studies, including six months of traineeship at the Royal Canin Group.
  • Specialization in Business Administration and Economics.
  • Member institute of the C.I.U.T.I.

09/1990-07/1992: French "Baccalauréat A2 ».

Lycée de Gaulle-Adenauer, Bonn (D).
Literature, Philosophy and Languages.


French, German, English

Bilingual French/German, fluent English, notions of Italian:
  • Mother language: German.
  • As from 09/1979 (initiation class): French language acquisition.
  • As from 09/1985 (sixth grade): German language consolidation.
  • As from 09/1987 (eighth grade): English language acquisition.
  • From 09/1989 to 06/1990 (tenth grade): Italian language acquisition.


Since 12/2015: Concept Informatics.

Mac and Windows Mobile Environments:
  • Développement de mes compétences en matière d’ingénierie conceptuelle de l'expérience utilisateur.
  • Dans le domaine de la conception de sites web, initiation aux bases des langages HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL.

Since 10/2012: Apple Environment.

Development of my NetPlusUltra® Web Program (Concept Testing in the Field of Web Business Creation): Publication Phase 2/3.
  • Mac OS X (user environment).
  • OS X Server (team environment).
  • Apple Remote Desktop (system environment).

2006-2008: Microsoft vs. Apple Environments.

Concept Study in the Field of Web Publishing:
  • Multimedia Design: Mac OS X Leopard, iWork '08, iLife '08.
  • Web Creation (Authoring and Design): Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.

01/2003-09/2012: Microsoft Environment.

Development of my Web Incubation Formula (Initial Feasibility Assessment in the Field of Web Business Creation): Instruction Phase 1/3.
  • Office Automation: MS Windows XP Pro (with Office 2002 and Outlook 2003).
  • Web & Blog Editing: MS FrontPage 2002, Thingamablog.

2002: Microsoft Environment.

Further Training:
  • Marketing Studies (web watch): Copernic Agent Professional.
  • Traineeship (DMS): Pragmatech Proposal Automation Suite.

2001: Microsoft Environment.

Self-Learning (as part of my Personalized Action Plan):
  • Office Automation: MS Windows ME (MS Works, WordPerfect Office 2000).
  • Music Therapy: Windows Media Player.

2000: Microsoft Environment.

Bowne Global Solutions (Software Localization):
  • Office Automation: MS Windows 98 (Office, Outlook, MSN Messenger).
  • Desktop Publishing: Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, FrameMaker.
  • Project Management (Enterprise Resource Planning): PeopleSoft, MS Project 98.

1999: IBM and Microsoft Environments.

Self-Initiation to Auditing, Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
  • Office Automation: MS Windows NT4 (Office 97, Outlook Express); IBM Lotus Smart Suite Millennium, Lotus Notes 4.6.
  • Computer-Assisted Translation: TRADOS Translator's Workbench, IBM TranslationManager, ATRIL Déjà Vu, STAR Transit.

1996-1998: IBM Environment.

Royal Canin Group (Agribusiness):
  • Office Automation: IBM Lotus Smart Suite (WordPro, 1-2-3, Freelance Graphics).
  • Reporting (Business Performance Management): Comshare Commander Prism.

1993-1996: Introduction to Information Technologies.

During my Studies at the Saarland University (D):
  • As part of my various academic research works, discovery of informatics and computing at the university library.
  • In tune with the spirit of the times, discovery of the Apple environment, against the background of "the strange new world of the (American) internet".
  • As from my first professional traineeship, progressive migration from an electronic Panasonic KX-R196 typewriter to business informatics.