Daniela Berndt

Program NetPlusUltra®

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Start of my incubation phase 2/3

Resumed both the development of my NetPlusUltra® web program (proof-of-concept testing in the field of web business creation), and the instruction work on hold since 11/2009, as the long pending funding issue is still not settled (read also: https://lifefolio.daniela-berndt.foundation/en/funding/).

Publication phase 2/3, as per the following concept demonstration rationale:
  • 2018: Conceptual audit of the GDPR.
  • 2017: Remastering of web contents published since 2013.
  • 2016: Debriefing of my feasibility audit program 2/3.
  • 2015: Feasibility audit of the system environment.
  • 2014: Feasibility audit of the network environment.
  • 2013: Feasibility audit of the user environment.
Computer devices audited (by using) with a view to conceptualization:
  • Mac OS X (user environment).
  • OS X Server (network environment).
  • Apple Remote Desktop (system environment).