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Aiming for independence

Read more about this early reorientation at:
https://lifefolio.daniela-berndt.foundation/en/funding/files/category-issue-2.htmlContinue reading

Return to France

  • Interruption of the trial period because of a persistent non-localizable problem of sectarian harassement (which escalated from diffused to characterized since 05/2000)
  • Re-settled in Aigues-Mortes, nuked into a troubleshooter
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Y2K bug (!)

An unexpected episode of cognitive saturation forces me to take 15 days of sick leave in France.

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Relocating to the city

Rented an apartment in Munich-Schwabing (State of Bavaria).Continue reading

Return to Germany

Temporarily settled (at a colleague's apartment) in Munich-Unterhaching (Land of Bavaria).Continue reading

Return to the South of France

Settled in Aigues-Mortes, in the Gard (30) department.Continue reading

Taking up new secondary residence

My mother and her German companion relocate to Marsillargues in the Hérault (34) department, where I would spend my academic semester holidays (3 months in the winter, and another 3 in the summer), for the exception of examination periods (1997).Continue reading

Return to Germany

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Departure for the South of France

Settled in Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze, in the Gard (30) department (Camargue region).Continue reading

Departure to France

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