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Welcome to my World !

You are probably reading these lines out of interest in my life path in its professional, educational and self-sustainable dimensions. If not, you are warned…
As the first conceptual building block of my NetPlusUltra® Webfolio (), this website is not supposed to be browsed as the resume of a job seeker, but as the dedicated profile matrix of an independent web author which is conceived so as to enable the reader to consider each step of the elaboration of an author's work (here: of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising concept solution in the field of sustainable web research and development) in the space-time context in which it was taken.
As such, this work in progress is both a comprehensive return on experience pertaining to the making of an integrated web solution, and a proof of concept in four parts (Curriculum, Background, CV Matrix, Photo Album) which spares me the trouble of having to create as many user accounts on related social network services.
Each page of this website comes with its own specific set of footer icons, which redirect to complementary modules of my Webfolio, and a reader's guide in the sidebar, which helps to keep navigation smooth by rounding up the angles.
Have a good surf !