Daniela Berndt

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Extracurricular activities

Earned my driver's license

  • In Lunel (Hérault department).
  • Obtained my license in 04/1995.
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Regular practice of leisure mountain biking

During my semester holidays in Marsillargues (Hérault department), until 1997.Continue reading

Resumed regular practice of leisure swimming

In Saarbrücken-Dudweiler, until 1997.Continue reading

Regular practice of leisure swimming and fitness

In Koblenz, until late 1992.Continue reading

Registration to the water ski club

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Registration to the athletics club

Fernand Brunel sports complex in F-34400 Lunel.Continue reading

Registration to the horse riding club

  • Practiced horse-riding as a sport until 1987, and as a leisure activity until 1990.
  • At the equestrian centre "Les Bagaudes" in Marolles-en-Brie.
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