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New market opportunities

Upon return, I would lay the ground for an exploration of the European translation market, and within this context:
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Leisure trip to the United States

…15 days off, at last!

On the agenda:
  • One week in Washington D.C.
  • One week in New York City
  • B&B accomodation
Throughout my touristic travels, I also considered the « live and work in the US » scenario.Continue reading

Gulliver's Travels (Syndrom)

As of 08/1998, within the context of the preparation of an upcoming leisure trip to the United States, I considered the possibility to work as a sworn translator with an embassy. Which I eliminated, once on the spot, in favor of the "I'd rather take two weeks off" scenario.Continue reading

New exploratory phase

The delivery of my master’s thesis, eight months after I entered active life, would mark the beginning of a new practical exploratory phase, during which I would assess the professional perspectives in the area of language services. For the same reason as at the beginning of my studies, I crossed-out the "international organization" scenario for good.

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