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3rd indefinite-term contract: trial period

Jr. Consultant, P&M France SARL (Strategic Consulting):
  • Pre-audit pertaining to supply chain reengineering at the customer's site (automobile sector).
  • PM focus on BPR: project planning, managing and migrating databases, implementing change matrixes.
  • Presentation of related results to the Project Manager.
  • User environment: Microsoft.
  • Place of work: Lyon region in the Ain (01) department.
  • Trial period terminated in 03/2001.
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Return to France

  • Interruption of the trial period because of a persistent non-localizable problem of sectarian harassement (which escalated from diffused to characterized since 05/2000).
  • Re-settled in Aigues-Mortes, nuked into a troubleshooter.
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Y2K bug (!)

An unexpected episode of cognitive saturation forces me to take 15 days of sick leave in France.

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Relocating to the city

Rented an apartment in Munich-Schwabing (State of Bavaria).Continue reading

2nd indefinite-term contract: trial period

Localization Project Manager, Bowne Global Solutions (Software Localization):
  • International Software Localization Project Management (in a virtual team of +/- 10 people in charge of the medical industry).
  • PM focus on trouble shooting: analyzing, decompiling, translating and recompiling programs.
  • Customer Relationship Management: quotes and proposals, project planning, quality management.
Microsoft user environment:
Place of work: Munich-Unterhaching.Continue reading

Return to Germany

Temporarily settled (at a colleague's apartment) in Munich-Unterhaching (Land of Bavaria).Continue reading

New employment opportunity

In 08/1999, on the occasion of my documentary research activities, which I was carrying out from home, where I had set up my « second office », I came across a job offer for a « Localization Project Manager » position to be filled in Los Angeles, as I was browsing through job descriptions as part of the benchmarking phase of my audit. The offer was posted on the website of Bowne Global Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bowne & Co. company, headquartered in New York.

Since I was curious about the perception of my own profile in this area, I decided to email an application, to which the recruiting agent answered that the position had just been filled, but that my resume would be kept for other such opportunities. Indeed, I was contacted in 09/1999 by the offices of Los Angeles, Paris and Munich for a similar position in Munich, with a possible future relocation to the United States. From « let's see what happens », I quickly migrated over to « why not? ».

The recruitment process by videoconference was finalized in 12/1999, with a new job initially supposed to start in 02/2000, postponed to 04/2000.Continue reading

Cross-functional HRM mission

Audit of the translation perimeter, until early 2000:
  • Pre-audit pertaining to translation management reengineering (at Group level).
  • PM focus on transversal auditing: information and knowledge management, benchmarking, counseling, training.
  • Presentation of related results to the CEO.
Within the context of this project:
  • I expanded my knowledge of business computing: MS Windows NT4 (Office 97, Outlook Express); IBM Lotus Smart Suite Millennium, Lotus Notes 4.6.
  • I studied myself into Computer Assisted Translation and software localization: TRADOS Translator's Workbench, IBM TranslationManager, ATRIL Déjà Vu, STAR Transit.
  • In 08/1999, I took part in the XVth World Congress of the International Federation of Translators in Belgium.
  • In 09/1999, I participated in an advanced training seminar on Computer Assisted Translation, organized by the Department of Applied Linguistics of Saarland University.
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New market opportunities

Upon return, I would lay the ground for an exploration of the European translation market, and within this context:
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Leisure trip to the United States

…15 days off, at last!

On the agenda:
  • One week in Washington D.C.
  • One week in New York City.
  • B&B accomodation.
Throughout my touristic travels, I also considered the « live and work in the US » scenario.Continue reading

Gulliver's Travels (Syndrom)

As of 08/1998, within the context of the preparation of an upcoming leisure trip to the United States, I considered the possibility to work as a sworn translator with an embassy. Which I eliminated, once on the spot, in favor of the "I'd rather take two weeks off" scenario.Continue reading

New exploratory phase

The delivery of my master’s thesis, eight months after I entered active life, would mark the beginning of a new practical exploratory phase, during which I would assess the professional perspectives in the area of language services. For the same reason as at the beginning of my studies, I crossed-out the "international organization" scenario for good.

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First indefinite-term contract

First indefinite-term contract of employment with the International Division of the Royal Canin Group (resigned in 03/2000).

My mission, as an International Division Assistant:
  • Operational interface between the International Division and its expatriated Area Managers.
  • PM focus on information management as applied to international trade.
  • Organization of international seminars.
  • User environment: IBM Lotus Smart Suite (WordPro, 1-2-3, Freelance Graphics).
  • Reporting (Business Performance Management): Comshare Commander Prism.
Place of work: Royal Canin Group headquarters in F-34400 Lunel.Continue reading

Return to the South of France

Settled in Aigues-Mortes, in the Gard (30) department.Continue reading

Eleventh semester of academic studies

Last semester (on the job) dedicated (after office hours) to my master's thesis, as an integral part of the examinations closing the cycle of specialization.

Civilization study on corporate culture, with a special focus on:
  • Corporate identity: planning, conducting and debriefing interviews.
  • Cross-cultural management: relations between the Group's headquarters and its German subsidiary.
  • User environments: IBM (at the office) and Microsoft (when working at home).
  • Place of work: Royal Canin Group headquarters in F-34400 Lunel; with one trip to the Group's German subsidiary in Cologne.
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