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Lacking inspiration? Don't panic!

All it takes for a brand new start is a travel notebook, a pen for all those preliminary drafts and scribbles that are so difficult to lay down on a keyboard, a little bit of reading, and…a goal, which, as a reminder, is still the autobiographical reconstitution of your life path, starting from your resume.
Don't forget that it is not about showing off - this is how you end up sidetracked as yet another social network clone, by force of little arrangements with an avatar of yourself, LinkedOut with a fake resume - but about introducing yourself the way you would like to be understood. Underestimate yourself, and you will miss opportunities; overestimate yourself, and you will get doors slammed into your face. Which, by the way, would be a shame, considering that the purpose of program NetPlusUltra® is not to break down all doors in general, but to seal off the 2.0 backdoor into our privacy (our mental health) in particular, by promoting the implementation of a conceptual self-protection of an author's intellectual property rights.
Having made this clear, I will close this parenthesis with a few useful tips for intelligent search in English (if you read French and/or German, please refer to the complementary terms provided with the translations of this page):
  • Five example CVs;
  • Resume comparison;
  • Autobiographical writing;
  • Knowing oneself;
  • Self-publishing.
If despite all the above tracks you still have not found yours, I can only encourage you to visit my Testfolio Alpha () dedicated to the process by which digital contents are created and published, which also provides a conceptual pathway for web authors seeking to make a brand new start.