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How to improve CV practice?

By matrixing the standard CV format, so as to put the information it contains into multiple space-time perspectives. This is one of the objectives of this first draft, which is conceived as a double complement not only to my regular 2-page resume (Theory and Practice pages of the present website), but also to my life project website (Lifefolio module).

The threefold purpose is to:
  1. Propose a NetPlusUltra® model which enables to complete the classic resume format without forcing the user to create an additional social network account every time a patch is needed to fill a specific gap;

  2. Illustrate the many possibilities of the type of weblog page that comes with a web design software such as RapidWeaver for Mac, apart from the regular usage as an interactive RSS feed;

  3. Use the app-based data logging features of such a blog page to show the knowledge integration dynamics at play in the unfolding of each life path, so as to encourage potential franchisees to matrix their CV with a view to further autobiographical writing.

Considering that the present CV matrix is supposed to provide program-specific added value, you will find therein - in telegraphic mode - only such information which is related to the educational and professional dimensions of my life path; all the more so as the virtualization process serves to bring to the fore what can only be implied in the two-sided classic version. Personal events which do not belong in a CV anyway, such as leisure trips for example, are therefore not included in the matrixed model either, unless they have had a particular impact on the professional sphere.