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About version 3.0/2019

In these transition times of upgrades and migrations across all possible throughcuts of my NetPlusUltra®-enabled Webfolio, it appears appropriate to preface this v3.0/2019 with a subject-matter debriefing pertaining to the professional profiling issue in general, through the (re)qualification of statuses in particular.


The challenge in 2003 was to find a global solution to the many problems arising from the absence of a professional status dedicated to web-oriented occupations, considering that all existing statuses had already proved their shortcomings with regard to growing scalability requirements (1, 2, 3).

In those times of an unprecedented techno-societal mutation, knowing that the European intellectual property law is a self-sufficient principle therefore constituted a competitive advantage: I create, therefore I am (the author), with no further deposit formality required (4).

Considering further that the application of the above principle is first and foremost a matter of know-how, there was nothing better for me to do than to declare myself the provider of a solution to a problem of dedicated systemics, and to set out to solve this core issue.

You are already familiar with the successive stages of this development agenda, since the latter has been made available to you in the form of a concept demonstration track (5):
  • 2000-2005: pre-diagnosis of all existing solutions in the field of web-enabled (innovative) business creation.

  • 2006-2012: Windows-XP-enabled instruction phase 1 of conception of my web concept solution.

  • As of 2013: macOS-enabled instruction phase 2 of publication of the underlying feasibility study.

  • As of 2016: publication of the proof of conceptual integrability of all presented building blocks into a "NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising solution for the secured practice of web-enabled societal R&D" (6).

  • As of 2017: request for financial reparation of the prejudice sustained from the development of the NetPlusUltra®-enabled reference framework to be (re)funded as part of the creation of the globally dedicated endowment fund engineered so as to prevent such risks.

My case referral procedure of 2018 to the courts involved is therefore to lay the groundwork - as part of the upcoming implementation of my master franchising solution - for the conceptualization of all flawed measures and statuses tagged under "allowances" in the present blog.

Daniela BERNDT

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