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About version 2.0/2017

Entirely revised and augmented according to the conclusions of my first conceptual audit cycle (2013-2016), this new v2.0/2017 fulfills the validated requirements of my Netfolio (« starter ») level.

You will find herein, in the reverse chronological order of the blog’s categories, the theme-related chapters of my professional, academic and school life stages, which are further developed in the chronological sections of my complementary Lifefolio module.

As regards the tag cloud, the keywords have been redefined with a view to enabling a customized breakdown of information contained in the categories, which is also supposed to ensure that no blog entry will be left uncategorized.

Other improvements include the revision of the archives, through the tag-enabled grouping of blog posts into decennial timelines, and the activation of the blog’s summary option, which adds a « Continue reading » button to all entries.

Lastly, I would like to point out that I do not recommend the activation of the RSS feed of such a CV matrix, considering that the subscription to the information it contains should be reserved for duly identified - or at least identifiable - users. In the absence of such a guarantee, the page-only consultation mode should be set by default, as it provides the advantage of generating web traffic statistics.